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About the Cannon County Rescue Squad, Inc.


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CCRS Qualifications for Membership

New Applicants

New Applicants will be required to comply with the following for consideration for Membership.

  1. All new applicants must meet with the Membership Committee before the applicant is referred to the Squad for Membership. 
  2. The Membership Committee will meet and investigate all new applicants.  The Membership Committee will report their findings to the Squad, and make a recommendation on each application at the following monthly business meeting.  This recommendation will lie on the table for a period of at least one month, at which time a vote shall be taken. 
  3. Any applicant that is approved for Membership will be placed on a 180 day probationary period. 
  4. All new Members will be required to comply with all rules, regulations, by-laws, policies and procedures of the Cannon County Rescue Squad, Inc.